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For over 18 years Portishead Chiropractic Clinic has been committed to providing the highest level of care and support to the people of Portishead and the surrounding areas

We pride ourselves on our experience and approach to patient care and support.

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  • "We have been visiting Tom's surgery for three years. We have found him to be extremely professional and his treatment far superior to any other chiropractor we have been to visit.

    We would highly recommend Tom's clinic."
    – Rob
  • "I have been visiting Tom since 2002, I had chronic back and neck pain exacerbated by driving. I had tried numerous treatments including physio, McTimmaney chiropractors and acupuncture but nothing helped relieve my headaches, back pain and dizziness. Tom has consistently treated me and my family very successfully and helped me through both pregnancies and treated both children after difficult labours.

    All in all, my treatments with Tom have been exceptional."
    – Annie
  • "After years of continued back pain using the Portishead Chiropractic Clinic has been life changing and has prolonged my sporty life, which in turn has its short- and long-term benefits

    I highly recommend Tom and the team to others and will continue to do so."
    – David
  • "My back has always been bothering me, but it's better than it's ever been. This is due to the advice I have been given at Portishead Chiropractic Clinic.

    I am now a lot better and my back needs less attention, however, I usually revisit 3-4 months or so."
    – Orjan
  • "'Came to see Tom through a recommendation after seeing somebody else for years. I felt like a different person when I left, not only was my back treated, the causes and related symptoms were explained.

    I was made to feel completely at ease by all staff."
    – Kate
  • "Most impressed with all three practitioners. They are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient, have been using the clinic for many years and will continue to do so."
    – Tim
  • "'I have been a customer of Tom Scourfield for a number of years and came to him on recommendation. When I was first a patient my lower back pain was awful and difficult to live with. He quickly diagnosed and treated me, giving me a new lease of life and laugh at the same time! In more recent times, he has treated me for a whiplash injury and his humour never fails to amuse me.

    With his help I am re-gaining mobility. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his associates."
    – Lesley
  • "Being recommended by my son telling my Thomas was an excellent chiropractor. I now must agree,

    Tom is not only excellent, but charming to go with it. Thank you Thomas and Portishead Chiropractic Clinic."
    – Linda
  • "Tom was recommended to me after seeing four other chiropractors.

    Prior to seeing Tom, the other chiropractors tried to manage my expectations that I should accept permanent short of breath due to my back problems. Tom, however, had a far more positive diagnosis and enable me to have a tenfold improvement in my back pain. This man is a legend!"
    – TM
  • "Dr Tom is a magician. It never surprises me what he explains regarding pain. He never seems to treat the pain site but refers to it as related pain, and yet it works. How I will never know. I have been treated by Tom for approx. 7 years and he has relieved pain where my Doctor failed. I will never be able to thank him for the care he gave my husband when he was so ill. It was through him we had further tests at the hospital to find the cause.

    He is a super Chiro, makes me smile when I feel down, and even my doctor agreed with me. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
    – Yvonne B
  • "Having suffered with various aches and pains I eventually found my way to Tom's door. After a short spell of weekly treatments Tom sorted me out and a periodic treatment keeps me on the straight and narrow.

    Excellent results and worth every penny."
    – Mary
  • "'I would highly recommend this clinic to anybody. They have done wonders for my back. My grandad recommended them as he is a frequent client.

    They are all friendly staff and very welcoming. My chiropractor Corrie has helped me live my life again and mentally helped, not just physically."
    – Kristy
  • "This how Tom helped me after I broke my pelvis. 4 weeks after the fracture he did some gentle work so I could walk more normally instead of rolling through my left hip. I then saw him once a week for 13 weeks after the fracture, once the bone had fully fused he performed another manipulation which was so successful that I stopped taking regular ibuprofen.

    I had been totally dependent on pain killers for 3 months but after chiropractic treatment I was able to completely stop them."
    – J.P
  • "'After years of worsening back problems and various failed conventional and complementary treatments, I felt like Humpty Dumpty! Broken and Unfixable! Corrie has after a few short visits and no effort on my part - put me back together again.

    The treatment is lasting and if I get worse I know where to go. Fantastic and highly recommended."
    – Shane
  • "I had a difficult pregnancy in 2012 - which ended with me having my beautiful second baby James - he was healthy and happy - but I had terrible pelvic pain and was very disabled due to the birth. I tried the NHS for help, but they were too slow/busy to respond.

    A friend recommended that I visit your clinic and it was the one thing that saved me and started me on the road to recovery - I was a wreck when I first came and Corrie was so caring and gentle that for the first time I felt I was really getting help!

    The sessions made such a difference and one year on we are all happy, healthy and fit! Thank you."
    – Helen
  • "I have been coming to see Tom for the past few years with my back, shoulder and neck problems. He is excellent."
    – Dani
  • "'I began visiting Tom on a recommendation from a group of physiotherapists in Bristol some 8 years ago - At that time they concluded that they did not know or understand what was happening to my body after 10 sessions. Tom has managed to keep me mobile. I have much to thank young Thomas for!

    Always a pleasure to see Tom. Just want to say a big thank you to him for all his effort in keeping me mobile."
    – Drew
  • "Having come to Tom for many years I have nothing but praise for the professional treatment I have had from him and his staff which has always been very helpful. Nine years have seen a few changed but they all manage to make you feel welcome and to find an appointment to fit your needs.

    Tom's treatment is excellent and I cannot sing his praises highly enough and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. At times it almost seems as if he has a second sight and can spot a problem without you telling him."
    – Penny
  • "'My mother had been coming to see Corrie for a while and recommended that I pay the clinic a visit due to my back and balance problems. I have been seeing Tom for a year now and every time I come into the clinic I am made to feel at home by the ladies on the reception.

    I have never met anyone who enjoys pushing and pulling me about like Tom does. He is a very genuine man who makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet him. He gave me all the information about my back and how best to proceed with treatment. We talk a lot while treatments are being administered which is very relaxing."
    – RDL
  • "'At first I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor as I didn't believe my back pain and headaches could be sorted however, through recommendation I tried Tom and never looked back. Tom has been able to treat everything easily and efficiently.

    The staff are kind and friendly with professional attitude. Tom is genuine and understands his job fully."
    – Wilna
  • "I have had excellent treatment now for several years after a major car accident. Prior to coming to the clinic, I was in a lot of pain and my hip and neck prevented me from enjoying an active life.

    The treatment I have received and still receive means that I can go for long walks, run and ski again. I enjoy the professional and friendly service and that is why I travel from Bath as I have not found anyone as good elsewhere."
    – Jill
  • "'Tom and Corrie are the best chiropractors for miles. They have thought and do more than just fix your back - you can talk to them and come away feeling better mentally and physically.

    Thank you for your help."
    – Jane
  • "'I've been coming here for several years to treat migraines. Having top up appointments have kept these at bay.

    Very professional but a friendly, personalised service."
    – Heather
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